Pillar and micro content for artists

I’ve had this idea of turning Instagram live into a bit of a show and making it my pillar content. It’ll be where I do my live sketching and creation of my kids books, I’ll talk with other creators and artists at the same time either in the live comments or with a split screen chat. and I’ll also be able to share photos and videos from the camera roll on my phone as well. I think Instagram live has a lot of potential to do something really interesting while you are creating your artwork live.

And I keep going back to the idea of creating a vlog, blog and podcast as well as my creative work during the day and if I have an hour or two hours of production I can squeeze in during the day while I’m working my day job (mowing lawns) I can also be chatting to people, building friendships and community while recording my thoughts for the podcast at the same time. It’s mainly while I’m shading because I can talk and shade, but I can’t talk and draw very well. So once I have the live content it can be broken into maybe a couple of podcasts and even into several short videos… Maybe… I’m just experimenting at the moment but it’s a fun format to play with.

However, I had to abandon today’s sketchy live of me colouring @elijahandcrumpet ‘s Motivate Man’s cleaning whirlwind, as I’ve been finding it a lot trickier to film myself using adobe draw rather than plain pencil sketching. It’s just a matter of getting a mount for my filming phone. Adobe Draw kinda needs both hands free.

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