A negative comment on an old vlog

The final layout for page 1 of the Elijah & Crumpet kids book Motivate Man. How does it look next to page 2 on my Instagram Profile? Hopefully they match up.

I got a comment recently on one of my old 1min daily vlogs that I had done about 2 years ago. 

Firstly the comment. 

It said that mentioning Gary Vee in my vlog was a promotional tactic that I use in order to gain your following and then he goes on to call me a bottom feeder. So just to clarify my vlogging/blogging/podcasting experiment Fork In The Road, it’s a project that I’ve used to share my journey as i figure things out. Firstly pivoting and finding a new career path. And now it’s more on how do I go from being a starving artist to a thriving artist, now that I’ve decided to follow my creative passions.

If I mention Gary Vee in a vlog (or tag) 😆 it’s because he has changed my life. He has put me on a path where I’m most likely to succeed by documenting my entire journey and sharing it in public. Not using his name to gain a couple of follows. I want people to know about him, because maybe he’ll inspire them like he inspired me to follow my passions.

Secondly what does this comment inadvertently mean?

I’ve run out of text on my Instagram post, so I’ll tell you in the next blog 👍

The Old Vlog

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