Use your artist website as your social media hub

‘That rug really tied the room together’ – The Dude

I’ve been thinking about that quote a lot, and how it applies to my creative work. 

As an artist or a personal brand, you may tend to have many interests. You might not just be a kids book illustrator, you might also do oil paintings of dogs dressed in Edwardian style fashion. And it’s probably a good idea to have these separate styles on their own social media channels, because people interested in one thing might not be interested in the other. However, no matter how many social media channels you have that are ‘niched down’ on a particular style, I believe you should have them all linked back to the same thing – your rug.

For a long time I used a service called Linktree, which was great. You basically create a one page website that directs people to all the different things that they might be interested in like; your vlog, shop, courses, email list etc. And that linktree page is all located at the one website address, which makes it easy to have all of your links available for Twitter and Instagram etc.

But over the last few months I’ve decided to do something even better, I decided to make my own rug. I created a special page on my website specifically for directing people towards all the things, all the separate niches that people might be interested in. And all of those links are within my website. 

People can still navigate out to my Youtube Channel or Podcast if they want, but essentially all that stuff is available on my website anyway. You still get the video views and the podcast listens but it’s from your site. And the longer someone sits on your website, the more google thinks you’ve got a valuable website. And the more google thinks you have a valuable website the higher you are going to rank in search on the number one search engine in the world. 

And if you have all your artwork, courses and services for sale on that website, I imagine it’d have to possibly move you a bit closer to being a thriving artist… That’s what I’m hoping.

Work Update: finished up second draft edits for pages 11 & 12 of the Elijah and Crumpet Kids Book – Motivate Man

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