A Thriving Artist Needs A Shop

I knocked together a couple of ideas I’ve had for designs and opened a shop that’s now linked from my website. Because I think if you are going to be a thriving artist your gonna need a shop right?

It’s using the Redbubble print on demand platform and is pretty easy to use. So far I’ve made $0, but I think the potential is there. From each $25 t-shirt I will make about $5 which isn’t bad considering that’s around what I’d make for each print on demand kids book sold. It certainly doesn’t take as long to create. 

Star delusion optical illusion

I also have a plan for when I’m creating my own kids books and own the IP to use elements and characters on t-shirts and merch as well. And try and get the most out of all the art I create. 

I’ve got a vague goal to create one design everyday, no matter how simple. I want to create something cool that people hopefully would love to wear.

I think the way you make good money tho is to hop on trends and what’s hot. But sadly that’s not really how I operate. I just create what I’m thinking about and what ideas are in my head at the time. 

It will certainly be exciting when that first sale comes in. But I think I’ve got a reasonable amount to learn in term of tags, titles and descriptions that people will find. I imagine it works a bit like YouTube in that respect. 

If you see any designs you like and would like a different colour, design size/position or something altered I’d be happy to adjust it to your preferences.  

Rainbow infinite play illusion

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