What am I going to do?

I’m finally clawing my way out of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle – That doesn’t really sound right – Anyway, so I’m on the outer rim of the circle – that still doesn’t  sound right either, I’m, I’m at the last bit of the Golden Circle. I’m at the last section which is the ‘what’, what am I going to do? the tangible things that you can see, smell and hold and all that, the real stuff, rather than the brain stuff, I’m not saying that the brain stuff isn’t real but the other stuff is the practical stuff, the stuff that you know, people know what they do. I don’t really know what I  do yet, but, I’m hoping to find what I do and the big thing is this vlogcast, the vlogcast being the vlog, the podcast and the blog and the value of that is going to be that hopefully I can help people as Well as helping myself at the same time in working out what tips and tricks and strategies work to getting fine tuned and focused in reaching your goals.

Check out last weeks full vlogcast about finding your ‘How’ in Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle.

How Do I Do? Is Experiment Number 8

This weeks vlog playlist on YouTube

This weeks podcast on Anchor

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