When is the best time for me to post on Youtube?

The biggest thing for my new years resolutions week is to have consistency, to build in consistency and to have a backup plan for when everything goes wrong. Because without backup you can’t have consistency and I think to have consistency I need to be doing something called batching which is getting a whole bunch of jobs done at once, similar jobs, get them all done at once and then you can start to get ahead in the process so when the system does go down you’ve actually got a contingency and you can still be putting your content out and everything that I’ve been looking at is telling me that I need to be doing stuff consistently at regular times otherwise you’re gonna lose your following so what I want to try and achieve is a regular daily upload, because up until now I’ve been the almost daily vlogger, certainly not the daily vlogger and the Almost weekly podcast. I wanna put a change to that, I wanna make it a regular thing that the vlog goes out no matter what, I wanna upload at a particular time of the day for the vlog and if you’re watching on YouTube I’d love to hear where you’re watching from, what town, where you are in the world and what time you watch because I’m having real issues posting different times of the day, sometimes I post and I’ll get no response, sometimes I post and I get a good response. So I’d love to know when you’re watching videos and also when you’re listening to your podcast. Where you are in the world and what time of day because it’d be really helpful if you could let me know that in the comments and then I can build in some consistency, get it up every day so you know at a certain time of day that’s when I’m gonna be posting, that’s my aim, that’s my goal, that’s my new years resolution.

Fork In The Road – A Midlife Career Pivot Experiment

Midlife career pivoter Andy Marshall subjects himself to weekly, strategies, tips and hacks from self-help podcasters in a real time experiment to discover his ‘what the hell do I do next?

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