Applying the Pomodoro technique to screen time app limits for maximum productivity

I’ve got no time in the day when in actual fact, what parts of the day? like washing dishes, you can be listening to podcasts, you can be watching YouTube videos learning up on stuff. There are all these ways of utilising your time better. So that’s what I want to be looking at, supercharging the time that I do have so I can be making the most of it and getting stuff done. By using the screen time I’ll be able to see how I’m going. It’ll be like the Pomodoro effect for scheduling your time, especially for me working with the ‘if this, then that’ schedule. For example if my daughter is asleep or if I’m going out for a run and I can do some videoing, I basically know what I can do at particular times of the day to open up the day a bit more. I think I’ve got about 3 hours that I can spend during the day and once the timer goes off on that thing then I stop. So say I’ve got 15 minutes to spend on Facebook I’m not going to wander around going from one kitten video to the next.

Fork In The Road – A Midlife Career Pivot Experiment

Midlife career pivoter Andy Marshall subjects himself to weekly, strategies, tips and hacks from self-help podcasters in a real time experiment to discover his ‘what the hell do I do next?

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