A pivot within my midlife career pivot vlogcast

It’s time to pivot again, a pivot within a career pivot. Because now I finally think I know what I’m doing. That’s the thing with just starting without knowing the full picture. I would have never seen the full picture without starting. The key is starting, doing the things that you are passionate about and actually excite you, and just start doing them. And trust that the answer will come to you. It didn’t just come to me though, I recognised a pattern that I’d seen in my travelling cinema business – Road Movie Mobile Cinema. I was comfortable and lacking long term goals, big goals, I was just coasting. Being comfortable and not having any vision of my future I think is my biggest roadblock to succeeding, to having a successful career. And I don’t mean the Lamborghinis’ and infinity pools of Instagram kind of successful career. For me It’s about earning a living and supporting my family doing work that I love, spending time with loved ones and enjoying what I have now, not when I retire.

Fork In The Road – A Midlife Career Pivot Experiment

Midlife career pivoter Andy Marshall subjects himself to weekly, strategies, tips and hacks from self-help podcasters in a real time experiment to discover his ‘what the hell do I do next?

Watch or listen to Fork In The Road

Vlog: https://tinyurl.com/yc8hhkgy

Podcast https://anchor.fm/andycmarshall

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Let’s talk career pivots and strategies to get back on track.

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