When do you know you’ve found your drawing style?

As well as research potentially being a massive procrastination tool, another one which is potentially leading me down the path of Procrastination is finding my style. Now I’ve been trying to do drawings as often as I can, hopefully every day, in an attempt to get faster at it, to get better at it, and also to find my style. The question is then when do you decide you’ve found your style? Because this kind of thing… you could be finding your style your whole life. So I think you need to develop it to a point where it’s good for your current project then you can move on. Then if you want to advance your style more then do it for your next project. I think I need to ask myself every step of the way, is what I’m doing now moving me closer towards my goals.

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3 replies to “When do you know you’ve found your drawing style?

  1. I spent years trying different drawing styles. I think recently I’ve found it as i now just tend to draw in same style without thinking and the fun now is pushing that further to draw new things and experimenting with it in different mediums

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  2. Yeah, I think your style is those things that you keep coming back too. You obviously try new ideas out, but I suppose it’s those basic techniques and styles that you keep coming back too. I suppose my main point was not to wait around to find your style before you start putting your work out into the world. Thanks for tour comment and keep having fun drawing 😁❤️👍

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