Creator Chat with Entrepreneur Mindset Coach Fred Blumenberg

So I’m trying to build a side hustle that utilises my creative passions, and I’m starting with creating kids books that’s my initial goal. Having kids has given me the drive and purpose to show to them and myself that you can follow your dreams. You don’t have to trade your most valuable asset your time in a job you hate. The only problem is now with kids where do you find the time to get your creative side hustle off the ground. How do you get the headspace? How do you get the energy? Where do you find the time? I don’t know but I chatted with a bunch of parent creators last week who are crushing it. And I’ll be releasing a video on the topic this week. So let’s start it off with the number one entrepreneur mindset coach Fred Blumenberg. I know what you’re thinking he’s an entrepreneur not a creator. That’s right but I believe they are the same in so many ways and if you are an artist and your not an entrepreneur your in trouble… that’s just my opinion man and hey it’s my podcast, so let’s get into it.

— Listen to the podcast, available everywhere

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