Gain more followers on the VoiceHQ NFT platform

If you’re an artist selling, or hoping to sell NFT’s on VoiceHQ, I have discovered a great new way to build your audience and get more eyeballs on your creative masterpieces. 

For a while now VoiceHQ have started to display a followers and following count. Which can be useful, especially knowing who your followers are. Firstly you can click to their profiles and connect with them on social media. Secondly, anyone that follows you will automatically receive email notifications when you list or re-list a new piece. 

So the next question is how do I get more followers? Well I have been doing regular ‘airdrops’ for a while now. I have been using it as a way to get new eyeballs on my work by being visible in other peoples collections. It’s also a great way to gain some extra income from potential resales down the line. However the new feature that I’m excited about is that when someone claims your airdrop they instantly become your follower. And going by my last giveaway of 100 editions, I gained approximately 70 new followers. Who knows if this will convert to additional future sales, but it’s definitely a way of gaining more exposure for your NFT’s on VoiceHQ

2 replies to “Gain more followers on the VoiceHQ NFT platform

  1. The problem is that it’s the same people who claim the Airdrops. And they not only never buy anything from you but immediately put the Airdrop for sale for $1 no matter the quality.
    Voice was the platform where I had more sales but lately, .. nothing. My last sale was a month ago. And I am always trying to keep my prices affordable. Perhaps the market is saturated and people are tired of buying the same garbage collections and always losing money. OpenSea trading fell 93% during the last months.

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  2. Yes NFTS have definitely dropped off lately. People selling your airdrops for $1 is definitely annoying. I’ve started to make my airdrops WIP pieces, so if they list them cheaply it hopefully won’t impact the price on my final pieces.


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