How Do I Help Storytellers?

It’s almost nighttime and I’m the natural light vlogger so I’m almost in trouble with my daily vlog getting too dark, with no lighting, anyway, so another part of my ‘How’  while I’m on this ‘How’ thing is documenting my journey and I think the documenting processes is really important.

How do I help creators? how do I help storytellers? Get their work out to the world, which was in my ‘why’, part of my ‘why’ and this vlogcast is a big part of that. By documenting my journey and showing all the tips and tricks and hacks and all those kinds of things which are working in getting my career off the ground, hopefully those tips might be helpful for you as well, by kind of seeing my process, hopefully it’ll cut some time out when you’re doing it because you’ll see what works.

Check out this weeks full vlogcast about finding your ‘How’ in Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle.

How Do I Do? Is Experiment Number 8

This weeks vlog playlist on YouTube

This weeks podcast on Anchor

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