Sticking To My Number One Value

This morning I wish I was vlogging on more than my phone, because I got some lovely kangaroos that we just running past in the distance and you can’t really zoom in with a phone well you can, but it looks like hell. Yesterday no vlog went up, but I did shoot the Vlog. But I was sticking to my number one value in my ‘How’ part of the Golden circle which was putting being a stay at home dad first and that pretty much meant shooting my vlog at the very end of the day in the dwindling daylight and not getting enough time to edit which means a double edit tonight but you know that’s okay I think a lot of people get caught up in 24 hours of the day and that’s it. I’m kinda putting that out further to more like you know seven days in the week and if some days it means I don’t get much done and other days I can get more done that’s good my goals are more about getting seven vlogs out a week and one podcast, As well as my other work which I’m gonna start trying to fit in soon.

Check out this weeks full vlogcast about finding your ‘How’ in Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle.

How Do I Do? Is Experiment Number 8

This weeks vlog playlist on YouTube

This weeks podcast on Anchor

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