Something To Sell

The light is again fading on the daily vlog, but I just wanted to come up with another idea for my ‘what’, and a good one I think is the fact that this vlogcast I might be able to turn into a book at some stage not that if you read it sequentially it wouldn’t make much sense but you know the vlogs are acting as a bit of note taking along way as I’m documenting my journey so I might be able to create a book down the track. And sure anyone could just go along and read all my posts my vlog posts or whatever and find information out that way but other people prefer to read books and that means I might be able to have something to sell so that could be a cool ‘what’ in terms of things that I can put out there in the world.

Check out last weeks full vlogcast about finding your ‘How’ in Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle.

How Do I Do? Is Experiment Number 8

This weeks vlog playlist on YouTube

This weeks podcast on Anchor

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