Stacking My ‘What’ List

Another ‘what’ I’m stacking onto my ‘what’ list while I’m doing Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. Not to make things too difficult for myself or anything, but I wanna write another book too. You know you’ve heard me rabbiting on about this kids book, I’ve even talked about a whole series of kids books. It’s definitely included in my ‘what’ I wanna do, but what aligns with my ‘why’ is I want to show how I do it, and not because I’m a seasoned professional, it’s the complete opposite it’s because I don’t know what I’m doing at all and I think it might be helpful to see all the horrible mistakes that I might make then you can work out well I’m not gonna do what he did and then you might be able to pick up a few tips and tricks along the way as well as be entertained by my blunderings.

Check out last weeks full vlogcast about finding your ‘How’ in Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle.

How Do I Do? Is Experiment Number 8

This weeks vlog playlist on YouTube

This weeks podcast on Anchor

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