The Risk Of Sharing Your Goals

I think a massive trap with stating all of your ‘what’s’ – ‘ I’m gonna do this’, ‘I’m gonna do that’ you turn into one of those people that you call a gunna in Australia ‘I’m gunna do this’, ‘I’m gonna do that’. And the problem being is you get that little reward in your brain by thinking that was a really good idea – I’ve said it and your brain feels good for three seconds and then you move on and you feel like in your subconscious that you’ve actually done it and in the end you end up achieving nothing so I’m only saying what I’m gonna be doing for the purpose of this vlog but if you are doing it for yourself I would suggest keeping it all to yourself and doing it on the quiet because you don’t want to get rewarded for doing it before it’s even happened.

Finding My ‘What’ is Experiment Number 9

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