All Humans Struggle: Back Pain

Can a human being, me, hold up a 30 foot wooden boat all by myself? The answer is yes and no. Yes I held it for about three seconds and no, it dropped on the floor and broke. and the problem is is because I tried to save it as well I broke. So needless to say my first and one of my biggest struggles is back pain and I didn’t lift a 30 foot boat just because it was fun, because I was showing off, or anything like that. It was a workplace injury/accident where a boat I was working on fell off it’s stands and my natural reaction was to grab hold of it. Now every day I wish I didn’t grab hold of that boat, but I did and I have to deal with the consequences which was, two compressed discs in my spine, and following that workplace injury I had I was unable to walk for about three months and it felt like someone had taken a razor blade and chopped all of my muscles, ligaments, but they’d left the nerve endings in, all through my back and so I felt like a puppet with no strings I couldn’t walk at all and was 100% reliant on other people to help me through my every day and since then the time it would take for it to recover would get a little bit less and it would be how little bit further apart between the times that it would keep re-occurring. The strength I’ve discovered out of this back injury is yoga, and the more I do yoga and the more in tune I stay with my body I find the less chance there is of me going back to that state because that state is terrible one to be in.

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