All Humans Struggle: Dementia

My second big struggle that I’ve had, personal struggle, is with dementia and grief. I don’t suffer from dementia myself, although my mum did for the last five years of her life. And I’d argue that anyone who has had a loved one or family member that suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s are also struggling quite a lot as well because the grief process has already begun, because the person you once knew and loved is wasting away in front of you. Their memories are going, their memories of who they are are going, their memories of you are going and the personality is changing and it’s very tough to see this. And I think what it’s made me do, like any kind of strength which has come out of this terrible situation is the fact that I’m trying to be more present in my life now, loving family and friends more and being grateful for those around me, and not being so judging on other people like I used to be. Because I’d see grumpy people in supermarket or something like that, that I have no no idea of what their backstory is, things that are going on in their private life, and I think I would’ve been that grumpy person in the supermarket too because I had a lot on my mind. So I think any kind of thing to come out of this is to be more accepting of others and also being present and loving and making the most of the people that you’re with today. It’s also great to love your work, be involved in your work and be headdown in it going for it but you need to also be present in the in the world around you and with the people around you because that’s where all the life stuff happens.

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