All Humans Struggle: Anxiety

My third struggle, major struggle, is with anxiety. Now I wouldn’t have classified myself as an anxious person because I’d do movie screenings in my business, my travelling cinema business, I’d do movie screenings to thousands of people without getting too worked up. But I think it’s a different kind of stress, because I have stresses in my everyday life like anybody else has financial stresses, career stresses, and other things going on in my family and stuff like that. But I didn’t think that all that stuff would add up to me being physically ill and you know a few years back I had severe gut pain, I have full body trembles which would be happening all day 24/7 and you accompany that with several panic or anxiety attacks which I had and it was pretty disturbing I thought something was seriously wrong and I never realised what a panic or anxiety attack was. To me it felt like I was having heart attack or a stroke and it put me in the emergency department of the hospital several times. I think when a doctor finally said to me that I’ve got anxiety that the diagnosis was fantastic because that meant that I can actually do something about it gave me something to aim for where as before I didn’t know what was going on so the strength I’ve gotten out of all this, apart from my body basically telling me to chill out man that’s easy enough to do it is that I needed to be more mindful in my life I needed to incorporate meditation in my life, which wasn’t as foreign to me after doing all the yoga that I did to help me through my back pain so through meditation and also the running that I’ve been doing I find it’s a really great way of helping me with my mental health and so through this I’ve become much fitter because most days I run or I try to run as well as do meditation so you know that’s a pretty good strength to come out of such a nasty situation.

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