Habits that move you toward your goals

Why do I always brush my teeth at the same times everyday? Eat popcorn while watching movies – not that I do that anymore? Constantly check my phone? Use the same public toilet cubicle when i’m at the shops? Because I know it functions, usually, it’s clean and the door locks. Title We are all creatures of habit, it’s just a matter of making sure we are creating habits that are gonna take you closer to your goals not further away. And a tactic I already used to consistently get work done was the don’t break the chain method. I didn’t even realise this was what I was doing but with the almost daily vlog I was creating a habit, a good habit. Apparently it takes 18-264 days to create a new habit, with the average being 66 days. Jerry Sienfield, the comedian invented, called it the ‘don’t break the chain’ method, it’s no joke he really did.

Fork In The Road – A Midlife Career Pivot Experiment

Midlife career pivoter Andy Marshall subjects himself to weekly, strategies, tips and hacks from self-help podcasters in a real time experiment to discover his ‘what the hell do I do next?

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