Storytelling your brand to build community

The great thing about brand is that it’s a story, where as niche is a thing. You can niche down on a thing, and pinpoint your market and you can attract people who are gonna be interested in that thing. But with brand you don’t have to niche down, because as an individual your already pretty niched down. In fact older you get the more niched down you become, I recon. The only problem is the only person who cares about that niche is you. And the only way that you can attract your community is by making them care, and the only way that they are gonna care is by sharing your story, your goals and your mission. Because by telling your story you instantly become relatable. Still the majority of people still won’t care, but the world is still a very big place and you can contact most of its inhabitants in an instant. And those people who have connected and invested with your story in some way will care about what happens and will be interested. Even if they don’t buy what your selling they’ll still may support you by telling others and sharing your story.

Fork In The Road – A Midlife Career Pivot Experiment

Midlife career pivoter Andy Marshall subjects himself to weekly, strategies, tips and hacks from self-help podcasters in a real time experiment to discover his ‘what the hell do I do next?

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