You have time to create… just not much

I’ve been flip flopping all over the place. With the birth of my second daughter. I’ve been taking some time to access this whole career pivot experiment thing, And why it isn’t working.

Why isn’t it working? I could get down on myself and say I’m full of it, but that would go against my whole positive mindset thing. I could say I don’t have time, which is garbage. Everyone in the world has the same 24hrs in the day. That’s the argument. My only issue with that statement is that only some people can afford to outsource, their laundry, their house cleaning, their cooking. When you’re broke, your not gonna outsource your laundry. To give you some extra time so you can work on that creative project that may bring you in some cash in six months or a year or maybe never.

You can only create more time if you have the money. There are some painful alternatives though, I’ve stopped watching TV, playing video games (actually never did – so probably can’t count that) and scrolling social media to give me those extra minutes.

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