How much time does ‘Document, Don’t Create’ actually take Gary Vaynerchuk?

There is one last way you can create time that I’m overlooking. You can stop sleeping. However I would only recommend this if you want to become the worst version of yourself, You’ll be grumpy, forgetful, stupid and worst of all tired. So I’m thinking the situation is hopeless. But then I got to thinking. What creative work am I doing with my available time? And is it the best use of my time? Does what I’m doing now have the potential to earn me some money to allow me to buy more time, so I can then do more creative work? My creative work that I’ve decided is going to be a series of kids books hit a roadblock. The problem was there was no time, and there was no time because of an idea, a concept from Gary Vaynerchuk that I got confused. He said ‘document don’t create’ and that meant I literally didn’t create anything. I spent all my time documenting my documentation process.

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