The Artists Guide to Surviving the Robot Apocalypse

Robots will be able to do everything. We’re pretty clever little monkeys figuring out how to get out of work. ‘Make a Robot’, that’ll fix it, ‘I know, make it a thinking Robot’, even better.

In the not too distant future jobs are gonna be completely different. And I’ve been thinking, while sketching this background for a kids book, that one of the best and most secure jobs to have is going to be a creator. But not only a creator, a creator that creates their own personal brand and story tells by documenting their journey. 

Robots and AI will be able to do everything. But what they won’t be able to do is, be human. And human beings are pretty sentimental creatures, there’s still a niche for LP’s/Vinyl and I think there will still be a niche for us. 

We are gonna love our robots. But in time we’ll want to connect with other human beings again, through storytelling, through art. Not masterpieces created by robots, but imperfect creations that tell a story, a real story that connect humans in a non-digital way.

For further ponderings on this topic, listen to the podcast on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts

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