Creating a creative community of thriving artists

I wanna do a lot of stuff. But I have limited time, resources, money, you know… the usual stuff. I wanna document my creative journey. I wanna HAVE a creative journey, AND I wanna share the things I learn along the way. So starving artists like myself can become thriving artists. Did I mention I wanna become a thriving artist? I’m a bit tired of being a starving one, because as Bruce Willis would say ‘I’m getting too old for that shit’. Anyway, I’m documenting this creative career pivot only using my mobile phone, sketch pad, pencils. Because you don’t need lots of tech to put out content like blogs, podcasts and vlogs. I wanna fit all of my creative work, my ponderings and tutorial type stuff of things I’ve figured out all into tiny little 1min daily vlogs. That hopefully you comment on, and interact with me on, and when you do I’ll chat about what you’ve got to say on the podcast and create a interactive creator community type thingy. That’s my hope, That’s today’s pondering.

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