Do what you love and…

Do what you love and the money will follow… right?… right? I hope that’s true. I think that it can be true but I think there’s more that needs to be added to that classic line that I was reminded of when I talked to Jamie Iria from the Creative Spin Podcast. A fantastic podcast featuring creators talking about the creative process.

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I think obsess over what you love, become ridiculously good at what you love, be constantly learning, sharing and relentlessly documenting on social media about what you love and the money will follow… Maybe… no guarantees.

I don’t think you even need all these elements but they would definitely help. I think I also need to highlight that word relentless. You have to be putting out the best work you can relentlessly and documenting it across all social media channels and maybe the money will follow… maybe

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a taste of getting paid doing what I love with the creation of this kids book for Elijah & Crumpet. Which came about after relentlessly putting out content on what I love doing. However I’ve never been consistent, and I think if I could do all of these things consistently I would have a chance at being ‘successful’. But being consistent in a world that’s constantly changing with births, deaths, global pandemics and all that kinda stuff is a massive challenge.

As my 3rd grade teacher pointed out I’m a ‘spasmodic worker’ and that’s stuck with me. Maybe it’s time to use that knowledge and embrace it, and just get shit loads done when the going is good and not beat myself up when it’s not.

‘Do what you love and the money will follow’ is never a guarantee, but at least if you do what you love, you’ll be doing what you love.

Illustration from Page 27 of the Elijah & Crumpet kids book – Motivate Man ‘That’s really hard Crumpet but I know that I can’

Listen to my interview with Jamie Iria from the Creative Spin Podcast here:

2 replies to “Do what you love and…

  1. Yep, life often gets in the way! I find with WordPress, I try to have one or two posts put aside as drafts, ready to publish or schedule if things get hectic. I like your artwork, very creatve. Cheers from Tasmania.

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  2. Thank you. Yeah it’s great idea to have a bit extra content up your sleeve so you can keep up the consistency when things get tough, great idea 🤔 I’ll have to start doing that 😆 your blog looks awesome, I did a campervan trip of Tas about 15years ago. Such a beautiful place full of lovely bush walks. 👍

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