Habits to help me stay consistent

These last few weeks I have been anything but consistent, but all that’s about to change… hopefully. I’m slowly working out that there are a few things that if I do them everyday will help me stay consistent.

But it’s hard to plan when you are working for yourself, being a parent and then on top of this trying to work your side hustle, your dream that’s hopefully going to take over that day job. So that then you can hopefully start spending your days doing what you love while getting paid for it.

For me my side hustle dream job time slots are during the day in between jobs and at nighttime when my kids are sleeping. But sometimes when I get to that nighttime slot of time I’m so exhausted that it’s hard to get back into it. However when I do, I often get into the groove and work so late that I pay for it the next day.

So I’ve worked out the few things I should and shouldn’t do if I want my creative side hustle time to be productive when I get some time. The first thing is I need to get my head right. So I meditate for 10mins morning and night to help me clear the garbage out of my head, clear my desk, and get a fresh start. The second thing is for me to have a plan of what I need to get done, so I don’t waste time and energy trying to figure this out when I finally do get some time to do it. Then my next thing is I need to just start that thing without even thinking, just get the ball rolling and resist that urge to open social media (consume after creating).

To help with my consume only after creating plan I have mobile data turned off for all my social media apps. And the only time I get to turn it on is when I post something I’ve created for that channel. I’ve found that this is a great bad habit blocker and can stop an unproductive time wasting scrolling session.

I’ve only figured these few things out by looking at how I spend my time. Trying to figure out the things that help me be productive or waste my time. And trying to figure out a habit that will support my creativity and not suck it from me.

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