Finding your creative community

Since I started this documenting my journey thing while attempting to pivot my career towards something creative and something that I love, many great things have happened.

One of the greatest tho have been the other creative people that I have met online. All on different paths, but essentially expressing themselves creatively while utilising all the latest communications technology that we have available to us on our mobile phones. 

This virtual community and these friendships have been extremely important to me, as someone that often feels like a lone creative in small town South Australia. The support, encouragement and the occasionally kick up the bum is invaluable. 

Today I posted a new kind of video on YouTube and I was able to ask other real creators my friends for critical feedback. Which is something so valuable, because they know, they’re doing similar work themselves. 

Finding and connecting with other like minded creators across social media is one of the most valuable things you can do. Rather than vie for likes and views, opt for connecting with your fellow artist in the comments. Even if you’ve never met them. And it ‘might just be the beginning of a beautiful relationship’ (Casablanca 😆)

Latest page edits from the Elijah & Crumpet kids book Motivate Man

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