What has manifesting gotten me?

Something… I can now say something. And that’s coming from the most sceptical, critical thinker I know. I was born suspicious and could always smell something rotten a mile away.

So I might not be what you’d class a prime candidate for Manifesting, dream boards, the law of attraction and all that other kinda ‘Woo Woo’ bull crap.

But maybe this is what has been keeping me from reaching my full potential? Anyway, over the last few years as my life as I knew it crumbled to shit. I thought ‘F$&k it’ let’s give this thing a shot. 

Anyway I must be believing my own bull crap because I manifested an iPad. My wife won it, after filling out a survey. I know right! I said ‘don’t respond to that message, it’s a trap!’. But they only wanted an email, people can’t destroy your life with an email can they? We looked at the messages that came in for ages before responding. Waiting for that final step, the trap, entering our bank account details. But it never came.

A few weeks later it arrived at our door and we were both amazed. My wife mentioned that she didn’t know what she was going to do with it. And I said this is exactly what I’ve needed all year, instead of colouring my kids book on my iPhone. And she said ‘sure you can use it’. 

And my goodness! if I’d known what a game changer this would have been from the beginning. I would have sold my car for it or something. 

So you might not get things the way you expect them but it’s definitely, possibly, potentially a thing, this manifesting thing. 

Is it? Yes I believe it could be… possibly.

Tonight I’ve rocketed through edits on the iPad and now the books completion is in sight.

Latest edits from the Elijah & Crumpet Kids Book Motivate Man

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