Easy Content Creation For Time Poor Artists

I’m trying to come up with a system which best documents my journey with the least amount of effort possible.

I really like the idea of live streams and I’m kind of mucking around with the idea of recording the live like an actual video. I can pre-make some video clips, pre-make titling, pre-make some images that i use in the live and fade them in and fade them out so I’m creating a short film live.

It’s obviously hard to do while you’re creating artwork because you’re thinking about your art as you’re creating it as well as interacting with the live chat. But I just think I need to make the most out of content because you go to all this effort to make it, I think it’s good to make it last for as long as it can and be adapted to suit as many platforms as possible.

With my live streams, my ‘sketchy lives’ which include some topics like this one I’m talking now about and have a chat, then I can cut these topics out of the live stream and turn that into a short video which can then go on my Youtube channel which is only like a few minutes long.

You are pretty much batching your work live and you can potentially get three videos out of your one live stream. From there you can turn those three videos into podcast episodes, just strip the audio off and turn it into three podcasts. So you get the extra mileage there as well.

It’s also cool to note that once you’ve uploaded your video onto Youtube you can get a complete transcript from youtube which can then be turned into a blog, which is exactly what you are reading right now. This is just an edited transcript from my Youtube video.

So you can have a blog, a podcast, a vlog and a live stream all from your one original live stream.

I’ve also been experimenting with making some one minute short clips from the vlogs so they can be used as clips on TikTok and Instagram Reels. There’s just so much content that you can get out of doing one live stream, not to mention your art. So I think it’s a really easy way to create content if you are a time poor artist.

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