The key to success as an artist will make you fail

The very thing which is going to help you succeed as a creator or an artist, the thing that is going to get you exposure in the end is social media. However the problem with social media is that it doesn’t really want you to succeed, all it wants you to do is watch more stuff.

But maybe you can look at it as a good thing because we’ve got so many great ways of getting our message and our art out to the world with podcasts and vlogs and blogs but if it’s so hard to do because social media is just so damn distracting. Causing lack of concentration and focus on your art and your content. It’s also demotivating because you get a constant bombardment of all the bad stuff going on in the world. But if you can extract yourself from all of that mess and master your mind, and master your time, and be a master of your time on social media, and if nobody else can do it, or not many people can do it then you’re going to have to succeed and become a thriving artist.

Elijah & Crumpet kids book update – Pages 13 & 14 Second draft edits are complete. The edits mainly consisted of bringing the text thickness in line with what it is on the other pages, and not capitalising letters at the start of lines.

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