How to break through artists block

If you have artistic creative block then maybe that’s where your creative community can come in. You could start by putting out polls on Twitter and Instagram and get feedback from your community.

I have considered starting a kids story where the audience decides what happens next, forcing you to be creative in how you link one section of story to another. This kind of community interaction will not only get you inspired and your audience involved, they will also become part of the creative process. This sense of ownership in the project will also mean that your audience is more likely to show up and support you as they’ll want to see how you translate their suggestions into new artworks. 

So I think involving your community can be a great way to break through creative block. And if you are feeling introverted you can always look at your analytics and just see what’s done well in the past and see if you can find inspiration there. I’d also suggest taking the day off and not beating yourself up, watch movies, read books or visit the art gallery. Because both good and bad art can inspire your own work, get you reinspired and get you back to creating new artwork.

2 replies to “How to break through artists block

  1. A day off usually works for me. Sometimes even a week 😁

    Some actual honest feedback from the community would be nice for once.
    I actually tried the rating system on WP, but a bunch of one star ratings without any comments just didn’t seem real to me.

    Do you only draw, or also write your own books btw?

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  2. I write as well. But at the moment I’m illustrating a series of books for Elijah and Crumpet.

    Yes I find getting out in nature, reading a book or watching a movie is a good way to get out of my head and into other worlds.

    The best place for feedback at the moment for me is using the questions feature in Instagram stories and then I DM the stories to my follows that engage in my posts.

    Thanks for reading, have a great day 😀👍


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