The benefits of old school artist marketing in the modern world

Good old-fashioned paper newsletters, posted in an envelope to a person’s address… Who would’ve thought? It’s just such an amazing idea.

In an age where people’s emails are bombarded by junk, spam and things that just get deleted and deleted and deleted.I think sending something to someone’s residential address has a real personal touch now. 

I know that personally I hate going to the mailbox, and I hate what I pull out of my mailbox because it’s always bills and stuff from politicians and the local hardware store. Just think what it’d be like to get something in the mail that you actually want. 

And with a physical newsletter, I think that it can be almost tailored to the recipient. It’d be an amazing thing as a fan to receive something handwritten or maybe even a post card, just saying thank you for supporting my art.

I know in a lot of marketing circles marketers talk about filling up your funnel and other kinds of gross things like that. But rather than attract cold clients to your work because cold clients are hard client to win. However someone who has already purchased your work, has already shown an interest, if you nurture these people from the moment they buy your work and just keep up an open line of communication continuously with them. Not harassing them just letting them know what you’re doing, where your art’s going what you’re creating. it just adds that personal touch and I think it’s highly overlooked.

I think if you want to stand out, you want to be original you want to make your clients, your fans, your followers feel special then send them something special. 

Thanks to Michael Warth @warthstudios for this brilliant marketing suggestion for artists

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