Should you vlog, blog or podcast? Why not do it all?

I’m starting the daily vlog again. I did start one ages ago doing one minute daily vlogs and then I would compile them all at the end of the week and extract the audio to create a seven minute podcast. Then I would use the subtitles from the dialogue on these videos to make blogs. So I’d be creating a vlog, blog and a podcast all at the same time.

And I figured putting out a one minute vlog every day seems fairly achievable, especially if you batch record the bulk of the vlog and then just add some highlights of the day to keep the vlog relevant to the events of the day.

I survived this method for almost 200 vlogs back then and these were the days before TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. And given my recent successes with some of my Instagram reels, I’d be crazy not to give this old content creating method I had another go.

Sometimes I think your original ideas are often the best. Because you had the longest time to plan and work out systems for them… and they were actually working. It just seems I got distracted by many other content creation ideas along the way.

My latest edited page from the Elijah and Crumpet kids book Super Scout. It needed a few more scout badges on the sleeves. The details are small, but we’ll be glad we did them.

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