Creating a kids book live on YouTube

The final layout on page 28 of the Elijah and Crumpet kids book Motivate Man was definitely a challenge. If I was to draw it again I would draw all the stationery items in the whirlwind separately. As it was, I had to cut them all out separately and arrange them in illustrator on my desktop.

Page 28 from the Elijah and Crumpet kids book Motivate Man

I’ve also been doing a few ‘Sketchy LIVE’ live-streams on Youtube. Using Prism LIVE studio for desktop, and in general it’s been great. I have been able to have my mobile screen up showing what I’m doing in Adobe Draw and I’ll also be able to use it for when I’m sketching.

The biggest reason to move my Sketchy LIVE from Instagram to Youtube is the ability to be able to share my computer screen as I work in Adobe Illustrator as well. This set up will allow me to share all of my process, whereas Instagram only allowed me to share my pencil sketches.

However it’s not always easy. Using the direct feed from Adobe Illustrator for my broadcast feed would be amazing. But every time I zoom in or out or import a file I lose signal. So now I’ll have to share my entire screen to make it work. That means I can’t monitor the feed on Prism or Youtube Studio. So I’ll have to follow my YouTube comments on my busted iphone, while I’m using my laptop and mobile to broadcast.

So hopefully my first Sketch LIVE that I’m broadcasting this morning using this setup runs smoothly.

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